Microneedling and soft laser VC 5001 against scars and stretch marks – natural treatment for scars

Even after years, scars are red undercut and gape like small wounds in the facial skin. Beauty is something else. Bumpy wounds also show off as a long-standing skin defect from which the epidermis could no longer recover.

Whether caused by blunt injuries, surgical scars or pubertal acne – scars can progress unfavorably, become painful and bulging. However, the Microneedling allows scarred tissue to be loosened externally and rebuilt from inside out.


Which scar forms can be treated with Microneedling?

Scar treatment using needling is effective, and experience shows that generally all sunken wounds benefit extremely well from needling. It is necessary to distinguish:

Atrophic wounds

Lost times are injuries. They often arise when there were complications in wound healing. Even a false scar care could be the cause. For example, atrophic wounds can be a typical legacy of acne pimples. Such sunken wounds are also called ice pick scars (ice picks). They lack the supporting collagen and elastin fibers.

They can be treated effectively with Microneedeling. In contrast to ablative methods (peels, dermabrasion, laser), the needling of the skin causes the formation of new epithelial tissue. The skin builds up from the inside out. The surrounding tissue also benefits from such an intervention. Micro needling in scar tissue is thus an ideal remedy especially for atrophic wounds.


Red scars


In most cases, red stigmas indicate that the healing process is not yet complete. If the skin around the fresh scar is otherwise inconspicuous and is not overly sensitive, scar healing can be improved with needling. It is important to note that only narrow and not excessively large red remnants can be treated. In this case, the therapy with Soft Laser VC 5001 alone is better. By also treating the surrounding, healthy tissue, there is a strong circulation and an improved nutrient exchange.

White scars

At the end of the healing phase often remain bright wounds. Then the blood vessels have withdrawn, in parallel there has been a decline in melanocytes. Such wounds can easily tear in the following years under stress (scar fracture).

The scar correction by Microneedeling ensures the formation of new elastin fibers. If the little spikes are placed exactly in and around the white scar, the blood circulation is strong; Growth factors are released. Already in a short time imperfections can be treated wonderfully. Subsequent treatment with the VC5001 Soft laser greatly i enhances treatment success.

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