Diamond MicroDermabrasion / Vita Control
Diamond microdermabrasion is a gentle and painless removal of the upper layers of the skin.

In a regular cycle, the skin cells renew themselves. This ability diminishes with age, the result is a deterioration in the appearance of the skin due to the lack of new cells. The dead skin cells must be removed to improve the appearance of the skin. The natural skin regeneration is stimulated by these and the appearance of the skin is visibly improved.

Increases the efficiency of subsequent treatments.

The revolution in skin problems!

Groundbreaking achievements in medicine – now also in cosmetics!

Cold plasma has been medically researched for more than six years and is particularly successfully used to accelerate wound healing, reduce germination and inflammation in acne and fight nail and athlete’s foot and herpes infections. These groundbreaking achievements are evidenced by efficacy studies.

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