The application originally comes from the medical field (medical needling). With “Collagen Induction Therapy”, CIT for short, physicians developed a procedure to smooth out deformed epidermis or painful scars, for example after accidents.
Today Microneedling is used as a cosmetic treatment for permanent skin improvement and correction.
Scores, wrinkles or, for example, cellulitis are greatly reduced in several successive sessions. The testimonials speak for themselves and the results are impressive.

Optimal results are obtained in conjunction with Softlaser VC 5001

The effective combi treatment with Microdermabrassion, Microneedeling with high-quality finely cross-linked Hyoloron and subsequent Softlaser VC 5001 irradiation cellulite is treated very effectively. Excessive fat deposits can not be removed with Microneedling, but tighten and tighten the overlying skin. Likewise, lymphatic flow is stimulated, acting as a total decongestant and detoxifying.

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